Colourpop Haul: Lipsticks!

Hey everyone!

Long time no blog. Good news though, it has not been a long time no buy. I have been so busy with my new job and with my upcoming trip home that blogging has not been a priority, sadly. But retail therapy and sales have still been happening, so of course I have lots to talk about. First off is one of two Colour Pop hauls I have recently done (I have a third one currently on its way!). I love Colour Pop products and they have been on point with their current releases and you can’t go wrong with the prices. I usually order with a group of girls because the exchange rate and shipping to Canada is brutal.


This haul has been a long time coming. I had been eyeing up their Ultra Matte Lipsticks but never pulled the trigger. Finally the timing was right and someone was placing a group order so I decided to try three from my wishlist to test the formula before fully jumping in. I also got a lippie stick as well.


The first Ultra Matte lipstick is a popular one. It is called Bumble and is described as a dusty warm terracotta. It is a beautiful nude colour. I wasn’t sure on the formula for this one. It does seem to settle in lip lines more than the other two darker shades I bought. I will need to keep testing to see if this is really the case, but the colour is stunning. These ultra matte lipsticks retail for 6$US.


Next is one is a beautiful bright shade that I will love to use in the Spring and Summer. This shade is called Mars. It is described as a red fuchsia. It is stunning and does not settle like Bumble did. It is so vibrant and I love it.


The last Ultra Matte I got is called Bad Habit. This is a newer release colour from them. It is beautiful and such a rich fall/winter shade. I can’t wait to use this one more. It does settle a little but not nearly as much as Bumble but indeed more than Mars. It is described as a dusty mauve pink.


My last lip product of this haul was one of their sheer lippie stix. It is in the colour Juice Bar. It is gorgeous and so comfortable on the lips. It is described as a Cool toned berry pink. It is quite beautiful and very wearable for everyday makeup looks. I might need more of these sheer formulas. These lippie stix retail for $5US.

That is all for this haul, but as mentioned I have one more haul for you guys soon and another one is currently being shipped so look for that one (two more lippies and an eyeshadow) in the New Year.

Thanks for reading!



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