Review: Herbal Essences BzzAgent Campaign

Hey everyone!

I am so sorry for the hiatus. I am still adjusting to life in my new job and new city so please forgive me ūüėČ I have however not taken a hiatus from purchasing items so I am about to give you a couple posts in the coming week to whet your appetite. This one today is a free product review from BzzAgent. I am not paid to do this and I already submitted my required review on their site so this is purely to share with you guys.

If you do not know what BzzAgent is it is a site where people can review items online and connect their social media to their account (sort of like Influenster). BzzAgent is probably my favourite site like this since I receive an invitation to a campaign almost once every couple months and it is good products I had wanted to try or that work wonders on me.

This time was shampoo/conditioner/extra product from Herbal Essences. I used to use Herbal Essences religiously, but prefer to jump around based on sales. I was happy to try their new Naked line. For the particular campaign, you got to choose one of¬†three types of products. These lines are described as “Moisture provides lightweight hydration with herbs, mint and essential moisturizers to leave you with sleekly smooth tresses. Get a brilliant, lightweight shine with a whiff of white tea and mint extracts with the Shine collection. Or if you‚Äôre looking for touchable lift and a hint of grapefruit and mint, go with Volume for a bouncy look”. As I have thin hair I thought volume would be best for me.¬†This meant I got their shampoo, conditioner and a souffl√© from this line.


When this bag arrived neatly tucked into a box I was in shock. I expected sample sizes, but they gave me full size products to try. I have been using these products for a week and I am loving them.

I love the smell of this line. The scent is grapefruit and mint which is not a combo I would have put together but it smells clean and is so invigorating in the morning. I love the smell. The shampoo is clear which always seems to go over well with my thin hair. Creamier shampoos seem to leave a residue after washing. While I am not sure if the conditioner is helping (since I began using the system as a whole and not one at a time), my hair does feel so soft and I believe it must be due in part to the conditioner. It is just a typical white conditioner that smells like the other products. The soufflé is an all-star product to me. It is a mousse texture that you shake and has an aerosol top to dispense. It is lightweight but gives my hair texture and volume when I use it to poof up my roots. It smells divine and I will probably be repurchasing this soufflé when I run out.

Overall I am so happy I was able to participate in this campaign and I would recommend that if you are looking for a hair care system and love good smelling products, you should see if one of these three systems will suit your hair needs.

Thanks for reading and until next time! ūüôā


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