Mini Superstore Haul: September 2015

Hey everyone!

I am back with a quick haul! Recently I moved across the country and here they have stores called Superstore that are like a Costco-type of bulk store. They also have a great makeup and skincare section. I ended up buying two things and wanted to quickly talk about them.


Since I am still trying to save money to pay off loans I did limit myself and only picked items that were on sale.


First in skincare I picked up this box of 14 deep cleansing pore strips from Biore. I used to love my Boscia strips and these were considerably cheaper so I was hoping they would work as well. They had this larger box which was cheaper per strip than the smaller box. I believe it was 8$ for 8 or 12$ for 14. I also saw that they have charcoal ones but only had smaller boxes left for those so maybe another time I will get those. I have tried this once since purchasing and they worked wonderfully. It is always strange and kind of gross to see what these remove, but I am happy to have this step back in my routine.


Next I purchased a Milani blush. I have been in love with my Luminoso baked blush and I have been coveting these rose printed blushes. Milani was much harder to find where I lived before (Luminoso was an Amazon order), but this store has a huge Milani display so it is great to know I will be able to get my hands on these products in the future. I am a sucker for packaging and these are gorgeous.


I got the shade Romantic Rose. It is a gorgeous pinky nude shade and I like how it looks like a natural flush on my cheeks.

I am super happy that I held back during this haul and I am happy with the products I did choose. I will have a Sephora purchase within the month (since I received a 50$ coupon code from them) so look out for that coming at ya!

Thanks for reading!


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