Top 5: Lip Care Products

Hey everyone!

I felt that with the current matte lip trend still gaining speed (MAC will soon be releasing a liquid matte lipstick and Urban Decay recently launched a matte line) that lip care products are very crucial to wearing this trend. I love matte lipsticks. They do not ball up on my lips, but they require me to keep my lips well exfoliated and hydrated prior to application. Here are my top 5 fave lip care products (with one bonus!).


My favourite overnight lip product is the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. I love how thick and moisturizing it is. At first the consistency was not something I enjoyed but after having very dry and chapped lips this winter I fell back in love with it. This tube has been used many times and since you need so little you will be using one tube for a long time. This mask smells good and leaves your lips plump. It retails for 30$ at Sephora for 0.52 oz. of product. I am obsessed with Bite because of their food grade ingredients and I love that it isn’t super pricey for the quality.


Next for hydration is my daytime lip product when I am applying makeup before I apply lipstick or lipgloss. This is super hydrating but lightweight. It is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy. This was a random purchase and I am so glad I did. It smells like mint and licorice but freshens breath slightly. I love the consistency and it keeps my lips looking plump. This tube retails for 15$.


Next is from Fresh. It is their Sugar Advanced Therapy lip balm. I love the tinted balms from this collection, but this one is sheer. It is a good one to use between applications to keep lips moist. I really like this product and this is my second tube of it. It smells lemony (as most Sugar lip balms do) and help smooth out my lips. The tube is also weighted and feel luxurious to carry around. This product retails for 29$.


As far as exfoliating goes I use two products lately. I used to have an exfoliant from Lush but it was past its due date so I threw it out. This is a deluxe sample that I have been using sparingly. I like how gentle it is and how much moisture it adds as it exfoliates. The Lush one was more exfoliating but stripped my lips of any moisture they had. This is the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. I have found some pinterest recipes to dupe this so I will be trying to make my own, but I might repurchase if they do not work out. I love this product. The full size retails for 26$.


This last (official) product is from Elf. It is their Lip Exfoliator which comes in a convenient stick form. I am almost done this one so I will need to repurchase. This exfoliator smells almost the same as the Fresh but is a little more rough (though not as much as the Lush one). I like the convenience of using a stick because it is less messy than sticking fingers into pots and you just need to run it in circular motions along your lips. Also the price point is amazing since it is from Elf! This product retails for 3$.


My bonus lip care item is this lip balm from Tony Moly. I bought this and instantly put it in my purse. When I was making my list I forgot about it since it has never touched my makeup collection vanity. It is their Peach lip balm. I love peaches. It is my favourite flavour and scent. So when Tony Moly showed up on the Sephora site I had to jump on it. It kept selling out so when I received an email notification that it was back I ordered right away. It is so cute and smells amazing. I paid 15$ for this. I also wanted the peach hand cream, but upon research for this post found out Tony Moly is no longer available for Canadians at Sephora. This must be part of the new warehouse debacle when Canadians are losing a lot of brands and items because of the new warehouse that now needs to abide by Canadian packaging laws. I am not fond of these new restrictions. While shipping is much quicker we are losing items that we could previously purchase. If you can get your hands on this item do it! It is so amazing and I wish I could easily buy another.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know below your favourite lip care products.

Thank you for reading!


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