Top 5: Summer Nail Polish

Hey everyone!

In honour of Mani Monday, here is my newest Top 5 post. If you have been following me for a while you will know that I am a nail polish junkie. I own way too many and I love to keep buying more. There are just so many beautiful colours and wonderful formulas out there that I want. Nail polish is not that bad addiction wise since nail polish isn’t as expensive as some things I love. Since I have so many polishes I decided to break it down into a seasonal top 5. I will do a top 5 fall/winter when the time comes, but right now I am in summer mode which means bright and pastels.


Before I mention colours and start the top 5. I need to mention the Formula X system. I use this every time I do my nails. If I do not use it I can tell. The polish just looks shinier and stays longer without chipping. The system retails for 40$ and includes a nail cleanser, base coat and top coat plus you get one Formula X colour of your choice as part of the kit. I have repurchased the top coat since buying the kit, and next will be a new base coat.


First off is a pastel. This is from Deborah Lippmann and I bought this last February at a spa in Regina. They had put this on my toes and it makes my skin look tan (even if I am not!). It is in the shade Blue Orchid and it retails for 20$ at Sephora. I love the DL formula and it is probably my largest collection of higher end polishes.


Next is a bright shade I love from  Nails Inc. It is the colour Queen Victoria Street and is a bright emerald green. I also love the Baker Street one from this collection but can’t find it right now. I have had two of these Queen Victoria Street polishes and I am running out. It is a such a pigmented formula and I can get away with only one coat. This polish was on sale at Sephora recently and I did not buy more, but now it is not on the site so I am kicking myself for not stocking up.


Next is a Formula X polish in Prism. I love shimmery polish if it is pigmented. I do not like having to put 3+ layers to get coverage but I prefer shimmer to glitter since it is easier to remove. This shade needs two coats but it is stunning and covers super well. I bought this for a Katy Perry concert (it was the Prismatic tour!) and I have been in love with it since. It is described as mermaid green pearl on and that nails it right on the head. It retails for 13$.


Next is a new favourite but I can’t stop using it. It has been on my nails most days since I bought it in May. It is another Formula X polish in High Frequency. I love the formula of these polishes. They are smooth and pigmented. This shade is described as bright turquoise and that is exactly the shade. It makes my hands look tan and lovely in the summer so I do not see this love affair ending soon. This also retails for 13$.


Next is a polish that I hate that I love. The price of this is amazing but removing glitter polish is the bane of my existence. I used this once on all my nails and regretted it. So now I use it as an accent nail with pretty much any colour. I put it on my ring fingers and it makes the other colour stand out. I use it with blues, turquoises, purples, etc. It is a little gloopy now because it is old and running out of product, but I will be repurchasing. It is the Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money. It is a golden flecked polish that just looks stunning. This polish retails for 4.96$ at Walmart.

I hope you liked this post. Let me know what your favourite polishes are for the summer months!

Thanks for reading!


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