My Makeup Collection: ColourPop

Hey everyone!

I really liked doing the previous collection post, so I figured I would do another one. I like doing quick reviews of products from one brand and then posting what I have my eye on from the same brand. It is an interesting mix of looking into new stuff and what I already own.

This time I decided to do Colourpop. I made my first purchase with a group of beauty lovers from a FB page and since then I have bought a couple of pinterest sell boards as well. Colourpop is amazing! They are super affordable and have such cute packaging!


I currently own 2 lippies, 1 lip pencil, 4 shadows and one highlighter. I have more that I want and one more shadow in the mail from a swap.


My only lip pencil is in the colour Bound. I find this colour comes off brown on my skin though it is described as mid-toned pink nude. I like the creamier consistency especially for the price. I might get more in the future, though I find the lippies is where it is at! Their lip pencils retail for 5$ USD and they have one to match each lippie stick.


My first lippie stick is in the shade Lumiere. It is the collab they did with Kathleen Lights. It is a gorgeous nude mauve and it is in my fave formula which is Matte.


My other lippie stick is called I Heart This. It is a gorgeous red fuchsia. I love it! It is also matte. I find that anything but the matte ones balls up funny on my lips. I did own a couple more but sold them. All lippie sticks are $5 USD.


The only face product I currently own is a highlighter I bought from a makeup friend. It is in the shade Smoke N’ Whistles. It is so stunning! Their highlighters have a similar creamy consistency to the shadows and are pigmented the same. Their highlighters retail for $8 USD.


The first shadow I have is called Tea Party. I bought this off an old coworker. It is a shimmery peach pink on my skin tone. I use it to add some glitter in the centre of my eyelid. It is a truly gorgeous colour. All the shadows I own are metallic finishes.


This shadow was a LE shadow people received for free with purchase during their birthday celebration. I bought this off someone as well. It is called Birthday Girl. It is in special pink packaging and is a stunning colour. It is a metallic gold to the point that is looks wet and liquid. So nice!


Next I have On the Rocks. It is a gorgeous bronze gold colour and is crazy pigmented. I like to use this on the outer corner of my lid and blend out.


My last product from them in this shadow in So Quiche. This is a really cool taupe brown with gold and pink glitter. All their shadows retail for $5 USD. They have different finishes such as matte, metallic, satin, pearlized, pressed pigment and ultra metallic. I love the colours available as well. They have oranges, purples, teals, yellow, green,  every possible colour.

My wishlist for this brand is longer than most because they are so affordable. I am planning out my list for when the Canadian dollar bounces up a bit and it doesn’t cost us an arm and leg to ship it here.


Bichette, LBB, Juice Bar (new sheer formula) – 5$/each

Solow, 1st Base, Bumble, Mars & Avenue (new Ultra Matte Liquid lipsticks, back in stock in August) – 6$/each

CheeksBon Voyage (bronzer), Birthday Suit (blush), More, Please (blush), Pie (blush) & Monster (highlight) – 8$/each

Eye shadows: To-A-TCoconut and Nillionaire (in the mail!) – 5$/each

Metamorphosis quad collab with CoffeeBreakWithDani20$

I love this company. I wish shipping it here wasn’t so expensive because I would own all these things if not more if the dollar wasn’t so low right now. They have amazing products and I have not been disappointed with a product yet.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your fave ColourPop products are and what is on your wishlist.

Thanks for reading!


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