My Makeup Collection: MAC

Hey everyone!

When going through my makeup trying to make lists of top 5 products in different categories for future posts, I realized that I slowly accumulate tons of products from brands from swaps and such, that I never share because not every product can be a monthly favourite. So I decided that for larger parts of my collection I will make posts to break down what I have from brands and what I am looking forward to buying in the future. Where better to start than MAC. I bought my first MAC product in February of this year, so this is a small collection but I love what I do have. I currently own 6 lipsticks and one pigment.


This first lipstick is called Lady Bug and it is a red-pink Lustre. I do not reach for this as much as I intended, but it is still a gorgeous shade and a nice stepping stone to full blown red lips.


My next lipstick is the other red I own. I used to have Ruby Woo but the Retro Matte formula was way too difficult for me to work with, so instead I bought this shade in Damn Glamorous which is a Matte. It is a beautiful red that is easy to pair with any look even no makeup at all!


Next is the first lipstick I bought (it was from another beauty lover from a FB group). It is called Pure Heroine. It is a stunning purple in their Amplified formula. I love love love this shade. It is so unique and looks really cool. I believe this one was LE from their Lorde inspired line, because I cannot find it online.


Next is a cult classic. It is a more pink-toned purple than Pure Heroine. This one is called Rebel and it is a Satin finish. I have a harder time pulling off the satin finish. It balls up a little strange in the lines of my lips, so I might need to try this with a primer of sorts, but the colour is beautiful for sure.


The next two are my fave lipsticks I own from MAC. This one is a very natural pink. It is Syrup and it is a Lustre finish.


Finally the last lipstick I own is Plumful. I recently had a giveaway of this shade. It is honestly my fave and most used lipstick. It is a little more purple-plum toned than Syrup, but is still super sheer and not as vibrant as Rebel or Pure Heroine. I love this colour and I can see myself repurchasing the day I run out.


The only non-lipstick thing I own is a LE pigment from their Cinderella collection. I am still quite new to makeup so pigments still kind of elude me. But this colour was not something I could pass up. It is a gorgeous gold bronze shimmer and I love how it looks on the lid. This colour is called Pretty It Up.

So that is everything I own from MAC. I do have a wishlist of things I would like to buy which I will quickly share.

Eyeshadows/pigments: All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Naked, Blue BrownVanilla & Museum Bronze. Those are mostly all Refill pans (10$/each) or mini pigments (12$) so I might get them all once I get a job.

Lips: Flat out Fabulous, Patisserie, Candy Yum Yum, D for Danger, Pink Lemonade travel lip glass (12$) & Soar lip liner. These are all permanent colours so each item costs 19$.

Other: Strobe cream, Fix+ (I wanted the Coconut but missed out) & Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation.

I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough of my mini-MAC collection. If you have any other suggested products for me please leave me a comment below!

Thanks for reading!


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