Instagram Upcoming Makeup Roundup #5

Hey everyone!

Here is another upcoming makeup post. I have way too many makeup related accounts on my feed, and my wish list is ever growing. I need me a job before more beautiful things come out šŸ™‚


First off is new Matte Revolution lipsticks from Urban Decay. These look intriguing. I love me a matte lip and I like the colours in this pic. These are set to release July 12th. Look here for a link when they do go live on Sephora.


UPDATE: Found some swatches and names from temptalia to show the colours better and give you a better idea of shades on lips.


Next is from Beauty blender. If you read this blog regularly you know I discovered my love of beauty blenders in February when I purchased my first one and I will never go back. This new product is called the Blotterazzi which is a set of two pink sponge-type products in this cute mirrored case that are meant to be used as a sort of blotting paper that will not disrupt your makeup. I am interested in how these work and will be looking for reviews when they do launch. I am oily in the summer and this might be a good solution to my never ending use of blotting papers. These are expected by end of July and a link will be posted when Sephora has it.

Update: Now on Sephora.comĀ for 26$!


Next is probably one of the most exciting ones I stumbled upon. These are upcoming lipsticks from Bite beauty. I love Bite. They have beautiful lipsticks that are made of food grade ingredients. Bite will be releasing 5 new lipstick shades and a new agave lip mask and in true Canadian fashion they will smell like maple! Yes you read that right, maple! I love maple everything (not just because I am Canadian) and this is something I will need to smell and maybe put all over my mouth. I love the agave lip mask (original) so this might be in my stash sooner than later. Now I have read that this set will be a Canadian exclusive so I will keep you posted as we find out more details, but it is set to launch later in July.

UPDATE: Bite will be releasing another collectionĀ at the same time as the Canadian Maple exclusive. Where we get the 5 new shades and agave lip mask, Americans will get 5 different shades infused with Blueberry and Cranberry seed oils as well as two opal coloured lip products (a gloss and matte one).


Above are the coloured swatches of the American Frozen Berries collection.


These are the opal releases as part of the collection. I am not sure about the opal creme lipstickĀ (28$)Ā but the glossĀ (25$) is really pretty. I am more excited for the maple collection, but these are gorgeous.


Next is a new eyeshadow palette from Anastasia called the Shadow Couture palette. These colours are stunning. I have never tried Anastasia eyeshadows so if you have let me know how they are below. I would buy this palette for pink champagne and fudge alone, because they are gorgeous. This is also set to release later in July, so I will update when I get more details (price, etc.)

UPDATE: Released on Ulta (not available in Canada yet). Hoping Sephora will get it soon!


Finally is something that I will need to sample before I purchase. I used to be in love with my Smashbox BB Cream. I have since moved on to more liquid formulas for my beauty blender, but this new product might be a holy grail or a hot mess. This is a BB Water from Smashbox. Same things you loved about BB Cream in a liquid formula. Omg! What?! If this has the same coverage and feel as the BB Cream but in an easy to apply watery formula this will be a game changer.

I hope you enjoyed this Roundup. Let me know below what you have your eyes set on.


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