Sephora Exchange: June 2015

Hey everyone!

If you have been reading my last posts you will know that I am on a Sephora no-buy until probably November (their next sale). However, I had heard that Sephora was going to change their return policy as of July 1st, so I needed to return a couple things (sans receipt) before their policy change. From what I understood from the cashier, the new policy will be 30-day refund with receipt, and after 30 days you will get store credit but you need the receipt. I have a bad habit of throwing out receipts, so I needed to return these items before receipts were necessary. So I did get some new products to share with you, but did not spend money on it. I was returning my Glam Glow ThirstyCleanse and my Make Up For Ever Artist Nude palette. I did like the ThirstyCleanse (as you may have seen on here before) but after a while of using it I found myself getting more oily, so I traded it for a different one from the same line. I also was not using the MUFE palette at all, so rather than let it collect dust, I returned it.


As mentioned, I love Glam Glow, but the ThirstyCleanse was too nourishing for my slightly oily skin, so I opted to try the PowerCleanse Daily Dual Cleanser which is a daily mud and oil to foam dual cleanser. It smells like the corresponding mask that comes in the green tub, which is an apple scent. This bottle is amazing. It has two pumps at the top because the oil and the mud do not mix until you pump them into your hand. I have used this twice now and I love it. I will need to keep testing to see how my oily areas like it. This bottle retails for 43$.


Next I decided to try this First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel. I love the Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay and the Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay so this was a no-brainer. But I have used it twice and it somehow seems to make my face feel really oily. I was expecting it to dry my face out, but it did the opposite. I will need to try this a couple more times before I make up my mind. This gel retails for 37$.


Next the mini-section sucked me into buying two Sephora Collection Lip Liners To Go. This one is in the shade Deep Aubergine. I am not sure about the colour yet, but the price was right and this might be good under a similar coloured lipstick. These lip liners retail for 9$.


This second Lip Liner To Go is in the shade Rose. I really like this one. Sorry the swatch does not show up on my hand really well, but it is a my lips but better shade as you can see on the lips.


Lastly, I got my first Marc Jacobs product! I love their packaging. It is luxurious and beautiful. I had been eyeing this colour for a while, so when I had money to spend I jumped on it. It is their Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Three Shakes which is a milk chocolate shimmer. This is such a gorgeous product I can’t wait to use it. I was between this and the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Amethyst (a gorgeous purple with a hint of brown) but this one was only a dollar more and the packaging really sealed the deal.

So that is the end of my mini-haul. I am excited with the products I have found and you might be seeing a few of them in my favourites for July. I will be posting a June Favourites sometime in the next week, so look out for that. But more importantly, I will be doing a giveaway soon so keep checking back here or on Twitter for more news.


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