Instagram Upcoming Makeup Roundup #2

Hey everyone!

Here is another quick post for you beauty lovers. I will be posting a May Faves post soon. Not super motivated since I didn’t have many new faves this past month, but I will do that this week. I will also post a review for my Kat von D Shade + Light eye palette and MUFE Artist I – Nudes palette in the coming weeks. Without more blabbing here are a couple makeup spoilers that have me super excited for upcoming makeup launches.


First off is this highly publicized upcoming release for Urban Decay lovers. They are coming out with the next Naked palette which is called the Naked Smoky palette. I am excited to see more reviews on this palette as people get their hands on it. The colours look beautiful and I love my Naked 3 palette.

Update: This palette is now on sale at and retails for 64$CAN. It will be launching in store on July 16th.


Next is a shot from the upcoming Dior Fall collection. They are releasing more of their Dior quads (or whatever you would call these five shadow palettes), stick blushes and fluid shadows.


I am most intrigued by these fluid eyeshadows. They look so metallic and I wonder how easily applied these will be and how they will settle and if creasing will be a factor. But this packaging is sleek and beautiful. Look for these in Fall 2015.


Next is from Lorac. This a group shot of two new eyeshadows palettes and their new contour palette. I love Lorac eyeshadows, so I might need to look into these when they become available. Lorac is harder to find in Canada, we really only have The contour palette is now available online.


This is a close up of the matte palette. These are gorgeous matte shades. I am excited to see how pigmented and blendable these shadows are. It looks like a go-to matte everyday palette. There is also a metal palette with shimmery shades. These retail for 28$.


Next is from Kat von D. They are releasing a new batch of shades of their Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. Look at these shades. I currently do not own a full size lipstick from this collection but I have a couple deluxe samples from kits that I love. Hopefully a couple of these shades will look good on me and I can upgrade my collection. I am particularly interested in Mother (dusty mauve pink) and Double Dare (cocoa blush).


Next is from Colourpop. It is a new quad of colours in collaboration with a YouTuber. This time they have paired up with Coffeebreakwithdani. I love these four colours and the formula of colourpop shadows so this might be my first investment in a quad set from them. Usually I like one or two but I have never liked all four. The names of these shades are Hope, Kindness, Strength and Bravery and the set is called Metamorphosis. Their sets usually retail for 20$USD so maybe when our dollar rises a little I will look into these. Release date is June 9th.


Next is a MAC collection. This has been rumoured to be a holiday collection in collaboration with Ellie Goulding. I really like Ellie Goulding so I will be looking into these items and the packaging to see if I want to add anything to my little Mac collection.


Last but not least is these new moisturizing lip glosses from Maybelline in their Baby Lips collection. I really like the lip balms and these colours look great! I don’t think I will be able to resist buying some if I see them in store. They say summer for a release date but I have seen people hauling them already so they might be released in some stores already.

That is a wrap on this upcoming makeup post. Let me know what items you are looking forward to.


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