Instagram Upcoming Makeup Roundup #1

Hey everyone!
As you probably could have guessed makeup is sort of a love of mine. To the point that my personal Instagram account has been overloaded with makeup accounts that I follow. I would say the ratio is about 4:1 right now for makeup and non makeup posts on my feed. As such, I have seen a lot of upcoming makeup releases that I needed to share and be excited about. I figured this could be a series. I won’t say weekly since releases might not occur that regularly but when I find a few items to post about I will.
So here are some new items that have been shown on Instagram lately.


This is a photo showing the upcoming Benefit They’re Real additions. This photo only shows the eyeliner pens but I also saw a post with new mascaras! There seems to be a blue, green, purple and brown version of their beloved mascara and eyeliners.


What!! This is great. I personally was not a fan of the eyeliner but didn’t mind the mascara. It is not my fave mascara at all but coloured mascara is always intriguing. I would love to try out the blue, purple or brown mascaras for sure. So if They’re Real is your jam then look out for these guys. (Instagram says June 26th)

UPDATE: They are now on!


Next is from the Sephora brand collection. They seem to be releasing a Gel Serum Concealer called Bright Future. This packaging calls to mind the UD Naked concealer and the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I will definitely be looking to try this and seeing if it is a cheaper alternative to my lovely Nars concealer. Apparently these are set to release in July so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Now on


Next is another from the Sephora brand collection. These are so darn cute and the colours look amazing. They are Colorful Cheek Ink Gels. I have not heard of anything higher end to compare this to but I will definitely need to look out for these. Sephora brand makeup and skin care are intriguing and usually cheaper and decent quality products. Check for these in a Sephora store near you in August.

UPDATE: Now on!


Next is from Glam Glow. I am a super junkie of this brand. To the point where my wallet cries when they release something new. I will need to try this. Even if it is only a sample. It is a new mask called Flash Mud which Brightening Treatment.

I did some Googling into this one because I am super interested and found this article about it:
Coming to a Sephora near you in June!

UPDATE: Now at Sephora!


Next is merely for packaging. How adorable are these new lipsticks from YSL. Not to say that their usual packaging isn’t gorgeous, but come on!! They have embossed lips on the tube! All I have been able to find is that they will be a fall 2015 release. I will post their release date here when I find out for sure.


Lastly is another lip product. This is a new shade of the Fresh Sugar lip treatment in Fig. While this might not seem super exciting I am a lover of these super beautiful and super simple lip balms. They are insanely pigmented and hydrate the crap out of your lips. Plus I am a huge plum fan for lips.

Let me know if you like this new idea for a series also which product you are most excited to try!

Thanks for reading!


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