Review: Sephora Collection Masks

Hey everyone!
If you follow me on Twitter (@makeup_fangirl) then you already know about this quick review. If not, what are you doing with your life?? (Just kidding you obviously have more of a life than I do!). If you read my travel haul yesterday then you know about my recent first time purchase of two Sephora brand masks. Due to the recent flying I have been putting my face through I thought they needed a little hotel TLC. I supplied this love from the Sephora Honey Face mask and the Sephora Pearl Eye mask.


Both masks are single use fiber masks that are drenched in a specialized serum to tackle specific issues. They have masks with rose, pomegranate, pearl, lotus, ginseng, lingzhi and green tea-based serums that all claim to assist in different ways. I chose nourishing ad balancing for my face, since it was dry and taut and needed some nourishment. I loved the scent of this mask, as expected it smells of honey. It left my skin feeling sticky at first but after I woke up in the morning my skin was left plump and healthier. I would definitely use it again for emergency skin repair.


This morning I used the Pearl eye mask to wake up my under eyes and brighten. Being slightly jet lagged and not sleeping regular hours or in my bed has taken a toll and I thought my eyes would appreciate the attention. They did! I loved these eye masks. They are the same concept as the face masks (have same serum options as face ones) but are targeted to the eye area and the sensitive skin there. Also added bonus my concealer applied very smoothly over my under eyes after this treatment and that alone would make me want to use it again. I love when my concealer looks flawless and it lasted very well with this product being used first.

Overall I will definitely try other ones from this line when I need some special attention for my skin. They are not super cheap (e.g. Montagne Jeunesse masks I love from Walmart) but aren’t super pricey for single use masks either. If you want to test it out they have a promo where you can add 5 to your cart and input a promo code to get a discount that gives you one mask for free, SCMASK (Canada) or MASKLOVE (U.S.).

Thanks for reading and comment below if you liked this quick review. Also let me know if you have tried any of the other kinds, I am curious!


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