Nails of the Week

Hey everyone!

I have a couple quick posts for you today! I am currently across the country. I was flown out to meet a potential employer so my fingers are crossed that I may be employed sooner than later. I did temporarily break my sephora no-buy for emergency stuff on this trip. Ok not super emergency but special occasion. I went to see their Sephora and was drawn in and found some great travel essentials I needed for this trip.
For this post I needed a nail polish since my nails were bare during this last minute trip and a couple were pretty gnarly from carrying baggage. So I needed a colour to cover the mess underneath before my meeting in a couple hours. I did not want something I needed to top coat (time and money are issues) so I knew in loved formula x without a top coat.


I chose the colour high frequency since it said bestseller and it matches my purse and shirt for this meeting. Plus it is bright but not obnoxiously so, since I am unsure of the dress code for this organization.
Anyways I love this colour and recommend it for this summer. I will ve posting about the other travel things I bought in another post.
Thanks for reading!


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