Mini Sephora Travel Haul

Hey everyone!
Wow two posts in half an hour! Can you tell I am alone in a hotel killing time? As promised in the previous post (nails of the week) I wanted to mention the couple things I bought that I deemed (sort of) essential when visiting this new (to me) Sephora. This Sephora has more than my usual one and such nice employees. They were super chatty and had just opened so I had the store to myself. For those of you in Regina, SK it is the Cornwall Centre Sephora. Without more blabber here are the few things I got.


I went in mainly to buy this. I wanted a bag that was approved to put liquids in for airplane security. I had stored my liquids in a ziploc bag on the way here and the agent said it was too big but he would let it slide. I do not want that to be an issue next time to head home and god forbid they confiscate my beauty babies so I got them this bag to travel in. The deal is 5.95$ alone or free with 3 travel area minis. I already had two travel area things in my hands (I’ll explain when I get to them) so this seemed to make the most sense. So I received it free with the other items.


This first travel area thing I had was this Sephora honey mask. I did not pack a lot of skincare (only brought a carry on and it was last minute) and the plane air killed my face. I went to apply makeup today and it was not as easy as yesterday before the 5 hours in air. This mask is a sheet mask and was 8$. It is supposed to be nourishing and balancing so I will use it tonight before I fly back tomorrow and hopefully it will pro actively help my skin.


Next I had this little guy in my hands. He is the pearl eye mask, also from Sephora. It is brightening and with the plane drying out my face my under eyes are not in the best shape right now. It took a lot more concealer than usual to look undead. I will use this in the morning before my first flight (6:20 a.m. departure!!!) and see if a difference is visible.


This was a random third item from the travel section to get the bag free. It is from Ole Henriksen and it is brightening cleansing cloths. I will use these tonight and tomorrow to see if it helps my skin survive the flights. They are also easy to travel with because they do not count towards my liquids.


Last purchase is this polish from Formula X that I mentioned in my nails of the week post. This is in the colour High Frequency.


They threw in this Ole Henriksen cream at the cash so I will have to try it and get back to you on it. It has SPF so it might be a great thing for summer.
That is all for this haul. I did break the no-buy but it was not too bad and it is all stuff I needed and will use today.

Thank you for reading and I will be posting again later today.


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