Unboxing: April 2015 Top Box

Hey everyone!

I am on the ball with this unboxing *pats self on shoulder* as I only opened it half an hour ago. I wanted to post something but had nothing new beauty-wise to share. But bam! The makeup gods were smiling down on me and brought me a gift in the form of my April Top Box. This is my last Top Box until I figure out where I will be for the next little while (aka where I get a job after school). I also need a break to use all my products. I am officially subscription box free. 😦

Top Box is a 12$/ month box that gives you 4 samples a month. What I like about this box is that every month they send out a list of prive boxes you can choose in lieu of the usual regular box. The prive boxes are given out on a random basis (lottery style) and if you do not get one you chose then you get the regular box which in my experience is still worth the money. This month I chose the Bioderma one since the others did not interest me much and I always use Bioderma to remove my makeup.


This prive box came in this stunning cobalt organza bag (my fave colour) since I always opt to get the bag when I can because they are darn cute and seem less wasteful than the large cardboard tubes. The box came with two deluxe minis of Bioderma. One is the usual one I use (pink cap) being Sensibio H2O for sensitive skin and the other is one I have not tried that is called Sébium H2O (green cap) and is for combination/oily skin. I am excited to try the new one and happy to have more of my usual one.


I also had this little guy in my package. From what i have seen from other boxes online it seems everyone received this Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration sunscreen as a bonus. Sometimes they do a 10$ promotion where they give you an extra item, but this was a free bonus. It is perfect for the sunny days we have been having here as I am moving into summer skincare and makeup mode (aka trying to find a good face sunscreen to put makeup over). Let me know what you use for summer skincare. This one smells amazing like coconuts and vanilla.

In the coming week I will have two Sephora hauls coming (VIB Rouge sale orders) and a giveaway! So stay tuned! ❤

Thanks for reading and until next time! 🙂


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