Unboxing: March 2015 BirchBox

Hey everyone!

As promised here is my review of my first (and only one for a while) Birchbox Canada box. The decision to end this sub after one month was a hard one, but they ship in my city with UPS and they are not the best here plus their pickup location is not convenient for me. If they used Canada Post here (some cities do get CP as the delivery provider) I would be still subbed for sure.

Birchbox Canada has extended their promo (that I posted about before) that each new subscriber gets a beautyblender in their April box. Birchbox Canada is 10$/month plus 4.95$ shipping and handling and you get five personalized beauty samples a month.  If you wish to sub here is my referral link which will bring you right to the site. On to the review!


I love their packaging. This makes me want to have kept it so bad. It is a beautiful box with a different pattern every month and a cute little card with product info on back.


This is a quick shot of everything I got in the March box.


First was this deluxe sample (super generous with 2 oz. of product) of the Fekkai PrX Reparatives Conditioner with Argan Extract. I have tried this exact product from I believe BeautyBox 5. I loved it. I had the shampoo too and they were well loved before I used them up. This is a lovely conditioner and I am happy to get another one.

Full size is 8 oz and retails for 28$ on Birchbox Canada’s site making this sample which is a quarter of the full size worth 7$ (which almost pays for the box itself).


Next is this sample this Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol from Paula’s Choice. I was so excited when I saw this in my preview. I have been wanting to try so many things from Paula’s Choice but with the exchange rate ordering would be killer right now. But this box is in Canadian dollars, and this is a generous sample!

Full size is 50 ml and retails for 36$ on Birchbox Canada’s site making this sample which is a third of the full size worth 12$ (which does pay for the box itself).


Next is the product I joined for and if you join now you can get as well. It is the beautyblender. I have the white one from a previous purchase and I would never go back to applying makeup without it. This is a backup which is nice to have especially considering the deal you get if you get it here. You also get a mini solid cleanser in the bottom which is amazing as well (I got a mini when Sephora had it as a point perk).

They do not sell the individual one on their site, but I will link Sephora’s individual one (retails for 26$). They do however sell the BBF pack which has two blenders and a solid cleanser and retails for 49$ which I will link here. They also have a double pack with just two blenders and no cleanser which retails for 35$ here.

Regardless of which one you look at this beautyblender is worth 26$ plus the price of the mini solid cleanser, which makes this the ultimate steal since the box is only 10$ and you get other things as well.


I also got this liquid lipstick from Mirenesse. I have not tried any of their products before and this is their Mattfinity Lip Rouge in New York which is a warm-toned red. I might be swapping this little guy because it is a little too warm toned for me. I look better with blue-based cool reds because I am super pale. But this is a lovely product, just not the colour for me. They have 10 other colours (all named after geographical locations) so there will definitely me a colour for everyone.

Full size retails for 29$ and this sample is about a seventh of the full size (if my math is right) which makes it worth 4.25$.


Last but not least I got this sample of Harvey Prince’s Ageless Iconic Pink Grapefruit Perfume. It smells amazing. I love fruity smells so this is perfect for me.

Full size retails for 62$ on Birchbox Canada’s site, I can’t calculate what this is worth since there is no indication of what this sample contains.

Overall that makes this box worth 49.25$ without taking into account the solid cleanser and the perfume sample. What?! I got about five times what I paid for! Why do they have to use UPS… I highly recommend this box, for sure.


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