Monthly Favourites: March 2015

Hey everyone!

It is the time again! The month is almost over, and for once I am on top of my favourites post. Bam! Productive! I decided to include more of my skincare and to finally talk hair, since I actually have things to mention!


First I figured I should mention this again, since I am starting my third (and largest bottle) of Bioderma Sensibio H20. I use this every night to remove my makeup and it is wonderful. I can’t say enough about it. Just put a little on cotton pad and let it rest on your eye and its melts the makeup. This size retails for 26.95$ at Murale (but I got this at Shoppers around Christmas with a bonus bottle attached for the same price).


Next in skincare is this Proactiv toner. I have been using this since December when I got it for only the cost of shipping with a 25$ off code that the Shopping Channel had going on. I love this product. It is not too drying and moisturizes too. I use this once a day on a cotton pad.


This is a deluxe sample moisturizer I have been trying to use up. It is the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Bright Skin Illuminating Moisturizer. I love this one. I got this as a free sample from Origins when I ordered from their site in December. It is super nice and makes my skin look glowing in the morning. The full size retails for 61.50$ on Origins’ site.


Hair-wise I have been loving this styling cream. It is my second sample tube and I use it everyday. It is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment. This is a great cream that does not make my hair look greasy but makes it soft and I love that. My hair is thin and having something that softens and does not look greasy is essential. Full size retails for 32$ at Sephora.


Lastly for hair favourites, I have been using this Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil hairspray. I received this mini in an Ipsy bag and I really like it. This brand is sold at Walmart so it is quite inexpensive as well. It adds shine but does not weigh my hair down. Full size retails for 9.46$ at Walmart.


I only have a few makeup items that I have switched up and felt like mentioning to you guys. This is from a March haul and easily became my favourite primer. This is the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer primer and it is the Redness Correcting one to be exact. It looks lovely under my newest foundation love (next item!). They have 10 different primers to target a wide array of skin coloration and texture issues, so I recommend checking them out next time you are at Sephora or They retail for 43$ but a little goes a long way and this tube will last a while.


My new foundation baby is the Nars Sheer Glow foundation (I am in the shade Siberia which is the lightest shade). I did not know I was quite this pasty… But colour matching my neck led the sales person to tell me the sad news that I am paper white. This foundation is amazing! It is glowy and sheer but covers discoloration without looking cakey. I am in love. I have ordered a pump for it online, because it does not have one, but that is my only complaint. Retails for 57$ but the size of this bottle means I will be using this forever!


Next is the blush and bronzer I have using all month. I love the entire Benefit Box O’ Blushes palette, but honestly I have only used these two since buying it. The blush is the bottom right and it is Rockateur, which is the top swatch on my wrist. The bronzer is of course Hoola which is bottom left in the palette and the bottom swatch on my arm. They are such beautiful colours on me and I will definitely be buying full size ones when I get through this palette. These retail for 36$ each at Sephora.


My fave eyeshadow this month was only used three times but man I loved it every time. I used it for a dance I went to and the other two times were practicing for that night. It is a super shimmery brown/bronze colour. It is Urban Decay’s Moondust Eyeshadow in Diamond Dog. It has a lot of loose glitter so doing your eyes first is essential otherwise you will have a glitter soaked face. It retails for 24$ at Sephora.


This one shouldn’t be a surprise. This is the same as last month, but I finally opened my full size because my deluxe sample dried up. This is the Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara. I have to leave the brush out of the tube for a couple minutes to let it dry a bit because it is way too wet after using the deluxe sample, but it is still a fave of mine. Retails for 28$.


Lips have been the same two products as before. These are YSL’s Tint-in-Oil in Cherry Me Cherie (35$) and MAC’s Plumful (19$). They are beautiful shades and give great colour without drying out my lips.


My fave nail polish was this one from Formula X in Prism. I bought this for the Katy Perry concert in July (get it? Prism… Prismatic Tour) and I used it for my hands and toes for the dance I went to because it was Under the Sea themed. Retails for 13$.


Favourite me-time product is this bubble bath. It is the Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath. It comes with the honeycomb to dispense it into the bath. It feels so luxurious. I love this product so much. Retails for 54$ (but I have been using this for almost a year and am only half way).


My favourite candle of the month is from Bath and Body Works (not a surprise I am sure). This is their Home Sweet Caramel Comfort 3-wick candle. I got this on sale for 11$ (vs. usual 22.50$). This is the closest I could find to the Christmas scents. I love the vanilla, butterscotch, cookie, marshmallow scents from Christmastime and then they disappear in the spring, so I am going to cling to this scent until Christmas comes back to me!


My favourite non-beauty jewellery item is my Fossil watch. I got this for my birthday and I love it. It is a rose-gold toned band with a turquoise face. I am in love. There are no words.

Non-beauty items below:

Favourite TV shows

march_tv2 march_tv

I will link the promos for these shows so check them out. I was super behind on the How to Get Away with Murder bandwagon but I am firmly on it now. I binged this show in two days and man it is great! Also started watching this new show called The Royals that is amazing! It has language so beware if you are sensitive to that kind of thing. I recommend both.

Favourite songs have been Hozier’s Arsonist’s Lullaby and Stay cover by Thirty Seconds To Mars. I liked Arsonist’s Lullaby for a couple months, but I heard it on The Royals and I can’t stop now. The Stay cover has been something on repeat for a bit. I went to that YouTube channel to hear Ed Sheeran cover Dirrty (I will link as well) and I fell in love with that cover. Jared Leto has such a great voice.

Those were all my faves for the month. Thanks for reading! Hope you check some of those things out and let me know your faves below or if you love any of these things 🙂


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