Haul: Rexall March 2015

Hey everyone!

A quick little impromptu haul (3 items) from Rexall! I was near one today and stumbled on Nyx products! This is the first time I have seen them around here (other than my Target that is closing). They had a buy one, get one 50% off so of course I got a couple things.


First off I got a Nyx Baked Shadow in Belle. It is gorgeous! Doesn’t show super well in this pic but it is shimmery and beautiful. It will be a good natural all over shade.


The second item from Nyx was this Matte lipstick in Tea Rose. I have a couple Nyx Mattes that I ordered online and I was super pleased to see that they had the full collection there. This shade is an amazing pink nude and will look amazing for everyday.


Lastly, I saw these tweezers that were on sale. They are originally 7$ and were an additional 15% off. They are from the brand Kit. These were an impulse buy, seeing these reminded me of a video I recently watched from ItsKeerstin where she used similar sized tweezers to remove the stopper on the Nars Eye Primer and revealed a lot more product is hiding underneath the top. So I figured I might want to try that trick with my Nars Radiant Concealer (same type of packaging) since it is getting low and I want to squeeze out every last ounce.


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