Haul: Shoppers Gift Card

Hey everyone!

I recently decided to use my 50$ giftcard from Shoppers Drug Mart on a day that I could get bonus points for spending 50$+. I already have enough points to redeem 85$ worth of stuff, but I am saving for a larger haul, also the Shoppers near me do not have all the brands I would like to spend the money on. While at this Shoppers (Rideau Centre) that is not my usual but has higher end products which my usual does not, I learned from the cashier that their store would be moving to the old food court location which would allow them to get a lot more high end brands in their Beauty Boutique section. So I have that to look forward to, if I end up staying in Ottawa. Onto the mini haul!


First of all I got two drugstore makeup items. This is the Rimmel ScandalEyes shadow stick in Bad Girl Bronze. It is stunning and so creamy. I wanted something quick to sweep on my lids and blend out. I have been coveting the By Terry Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze Moon (which is also a stick form) but that is 43.50$ before the exchange rate (this one was 7.99$)… So this is a good test and if I like it when I get money I might invest in the pricey one. But I have tried this guy and it blends like a dream and looks stunning in the outer third and blended into the crease.


The next drugstore item is also Rimmel. (Man I have been loving Rimmel lately) This is their Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tint in 001 Pop of Pink. First of all I love the size of this tube, it will be great for travel. Second, it is not a liquid so I don’t get the name, it is a mousse consistency. But it blends out to this luminous pink flush and it makes me want to go out and buy them all! I got this for 7.99$ as well (though the Walmart link above says it can be bought for 2.97$ so I will have to see what Canadian Walmart sells it for.


Both of my higher end products were from Stila. This is their Lush Lips Water Plumping Primer. I don’t know how new this is, but I just came across it this month and had not noticed it before. I was intrigued by the lip primer aspect. It is a milky light beige going on and is not tacky or slippery. It settles into your lips and blurs lines. This little guy retails for 27$ at Sephora.


Last of all was this guy. This is Stila’s Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick in Aria. I am obsessed with Beso and wanted something not red to try out. I love this colour it is a muted eggplant purple and looks amazing when swatched. I love the longevity of these lipsticks. In the bottom right picture there are two swatches of it: the right one is straight up Aria, while the left one is over the Stila primer. It seems to settles less in the lines of my hand with the primer which gives me high hopes 🙂 This guy retails for 29$ at Sephora and tends to sell out online often.

That is my haul. Doesn’t seem like much but it is the 50$ giftcard plus about 30$ of my own money, so it is a decent sized one money-wise. I will test these all out and maybe they will make the cut for April Faves.

Watch out for my March Faves in the next day or two. I will be doing my Birchbox review after Easter (when I get my box from back home) and there will be a giveaway around the same time as the Sephora sale I mentioned earlier.


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