Unboxing: February 2015 Starbox

Hey everyone!

As promised here is my super late Feb Starbox unboxing! This was my last month with the subscription. I only received it because someone subbed with my promo link and I received a free box, which is an amazing system for someone like me who reviews the products. For those of you interested it is 15$/ month sub that is all makeup and tools from Starlooks and you can use my referral here: http://starbox.starlooks.com/subscribe?refer=61549

The delay for this box was partly my mistake and partly theirs. I think I waited too long to contact them first of all. I was put on the Feb list (even after the mix up that gave me 3 January boxes for the price of one) and by late February had not received a shipping notification so I emailed. I received a quick response saying that I basically fell through the cracks. That was fine. A week later my tracking number was saying it was still in pre-shipping… So I shot another email to them and was told they would reship with bonus items. Almost two weeks later (about a week ago) I finally got my hands on it! I am so happy to just have it so I could try the products out and post about them here. So without any more blabbing, here is what I got.


I love their packaging. The box is lovely and the ribbon is always so nice as well. This package had two packages outside of it which were the bonus items for my trouble. I will talk about them first.


First was this nice foundation brush as a bonus for being late. It is a nice looking brush. I use my beauty blender most of the time for foundation but I might have to try this out just to say I did.


Next they included a few of their larger crystals. According to them these crystals provide positive energy. They are super pretty so I can’t be sad about these. A little random… but cute.


Now onto the actual box. February’s box contained an eyeliner, a brush, a lipstick and a coupon.


I figured I would start with the coupon since it is the only disappointing thing in the box. I probably would have used it (40$ bash back for one of their Date Nite Boxes), but I received the box two days after it expired on March 15th… Oh well.


Next was another brush. I love this little guy. It is a fan brush. While I already have a fan brush this one is more sparse in density which might be nice for a lighter highlight application than the one I use. I will be trying this guy out and it might become a new fave.


Next was an eyeliner. It is in the colour Myth which is a very interesting colour. It is a metallic black, gray shade with a hint of almost brown. So beautiful ❤


Last is a lipstick in the colour Cherub (fitting for Feb and Valentine’s Day). It is a nice sheer pink colour and the bullet looks super sleek and shiny.

Overall it was definitely worth the 15$ (especially if the coupon had worked). Even with all the issues I had, I would recommend this box if only for the amazing products and the customer service that bends over backwards to fix mistakes.


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