Sephora: Make Up For Ever Promo Code & Upcoming Sale

Hey everyone!

So I know I usually do hauls after Sephora sales here, but I thought before doing a haul I should share a great promo code I am tempted to use as well as the rumoured dates for their sale here so you can start planning!

First the promo code:


It is a promo code that let you choose one of five new primers from MUFE! I have purchased the green tinted one for redness control and I am in love. This is a great code to try out on without committing to the 43$ price tag.


Your choices are Redness Correcting, Nourishing, Mattifying, Smoothing or Hydrating. That is a great selection that covers most skin types and concerns.

Finally, to end this quick post, on one of the beauty related FB groups I am in someone shared the dates for the upcoming sale (apparently happens every April). As mentioned above I say “rumoured” because I want to cover my butt in case it doesn’t happen those exact days. I will post an update if I get an official email.


So basically VIB Rouge will start on the 12th and end the 21st (worth 15% off); VIB will start the 16th and end the 21st as well; BI will start the 17th and end the 20th (and will only be 10% off).

Happy shopping!


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