Declutter: Nail Polish Collection

Hey everyone!

So while watching YouTube videos last night I realized how many nail polishes I want out there. But then I thought of my current mess of a collection with super old polishes and unused ones that I will probably never use. So I decided to get to it and declutter.


This is the bulk of what I had. It used to fit in here, but spilled over into the dresser drawer I keep this container in. My dream is to have one of those wall displays people use but I do not know where I will be in a couple months since I graduate in a month and a half.


Wouldn’t this be lovely. I have seen wooden ones too. But that is only a dream right now.

After about an hour I managed to whittle my collection down from 147 to 71 polishes. Still a lot considering I only have ten fingers… and paint my nails once a week. But it makes it more reasonable to buy more if I actually have space in my container for it.


They line up in rows again! I also have space for my tools and nail tape which is nice. Much more manageable.

How do you guys organize your nail polish? I would love to see your collections!


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