Review: Malibu Soapworks Brush Wash from January Starbox

Hey everyone!

As promised here is a quick review of the Malibu Soapworks “Young Coconut” Brush Wash that I received from my January Starbox. In the comments of that post, someone asked for a post on how to use it and how it works. So since I have never used a brush wash before (I use hand soap – yikes!) I thought this would be a great post for all.

To the bathroom sink!


So these are the brushes I have used since the last time I washed my brushes… Not many, but they were well loved this last week.


So this is what the product looks like when it is dry and new. It is a dry hockey puck shaped brick of cleaner inside the plastic tub.


So I started off my rinsing ย the brush I wanted to clean (this is my Real Techniques Stippling Brush that I use for contour/bronzer, so it is brown tinted most of the time).


Next I started to rub it onto the cleaner. Nothing fancy just go to town swirling it around. You get a little bit of suds and liquid in the container, which is not a problem just keep going. When you are satisfied, stop swirling and rinse the brush off.


You can drain the excess liquid from the container by tipping it over and letting it run out. I gave mine a rinse at the end of washing all the brushes to get any makeup stuck in the container out before it dries until I use it again.


Bam! Not only is this the whitest I have seen it since I bought it, but it is so soft and smells like coconut.


It even got my powder brush clean, which has a lot of denseness due to the amount of bristles. And it is still soft and smooth.

Since I am on a cleaning kick, I decided to include a mini-post about my new beauty blender and its solid cleanser.


Pre-wash that is nasty. Dried, caked on foundation and concealer.

The same process applies for this product, I wet the sponge and swirled it on the solid cleanser until clean.


Bam! Nothing feels better than clean makeup tools. Especially when it is a pure white one like this.

For anyone interested in the Malibu Soapworks Brush Wash you can buy it for 12.50$ on the Starlooks website here:

Happy washing!


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