Sephora Exchange #2

Hey everyone!

When decluttering my makeup stash I happened upon a few more items to return to Sephora. If you do not have a receipt you can return products for a store credit/ exchange. I decided to take advantage of their 2X points on skincare that they had last week and stocked up on some skincare.


I bought another bottle of my go-to peeling mask from First Aid Beauty (FAB) and it is their Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay. I love this mask, it peels off and makes my skin feel fresh and new. My current bottle was low and I was afraid of running out. I use this once a week.

I also decided to finally try the FAB Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask. I love this. I have used it twice since I got it on Friday and it makes my skin unimaginably soft and makes my skin look glowing under makeup. I want to go buy all the bottles I can get my hands on.

I also decide to try the new ThirstyCleanse from Glamglow. I was looking to buy the SuperCleanse, but the girl at Sephora told me that it might be too drying for my skin, so I decided to try the more moisturizing one for the winter time. It is amazing. It is hydrating and smells like coconut.


I also got some samples from Sephora. I got a gel cream and cleanser from Lancome (Sephora girl’s suggestions) and a sample of the FAB milk oil cleanser. In the makeup section I wanted to try the Bite Agave Smashed lip treatment.

I might have one more lip product to return, but I will wait a bit before I go back.


2 thoughts on “Sephora Exchange #2

    • I dont think there is if you are using it to exchange for something else. You basically find other things you want of equal value and bring them up to the cash and tell them you are returning the item. I returned things i bought last summer this time around.

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