Review: Hard Candy 12 Days of Beauty calendar

Hey everyone!

For December I got two beauty calendars from Hard Candy. For those of you who do not know of Hard Candy they are a very affordable brand sold at Walmart. I had only used one of their products before these calendars so I was eager to try more. I will do a post later on for the other calendar (which was nail polish) but right now here is the beauty (makeup) one!


This is not the order it came in the calendar, but rather I sorted them as face, eyes then lips. First is their Sheer Envy Perfecting Primer. I have tried this and it is silicone-based and feels a lot like the Smashbox Photo finish primer on my face. I will continue testing this, but it is quite affordable and might be a dupe.

Retails for 6.50$ for 1.3 oz


Next is their Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer. I do not think this is the right shade for me since I am super pale, but I like the consistency so I might pick up a lighter shade and try it out.


Retails for 6$ (comes with a concealer pencil as well)


Next is their Glow all the way luminizer in Glamazon. This product is not something I like. It is terrifyingly pigmented. I am relatively new to luminizer and bronzer and this is a crazy hybrid. Maybe if I had more experience this wouldn’t scare me.


Super pigmented with just the smallest amount.

Retails for 8$


On to eyes, there was this glitter eyeshadow from their Eye Def line in What Sandy Says Goes which is a lovely champagne glitter shade. It is a cream product with a doe foot applicator.


It is super nice and I can’t wait to use it some more.

Retails for 6$


Next is the first of two eyeliners in the calendar. This is a standard pencil liner called Take Me Out Liner and it is a black eyeliner called Abyss. I do not like pencil liners like these since I am new to the game and it tugs too much for me, but it is a cute little guy and very affordable.


Retails for 4$


Next is another liner but this one is a liquid liner. This is their Walk the Line eyeliner in Asphalt.


This is a smooth eyeliner that is quite pigmented.

Retails for 6$ (was not able to find Asphalt, but found Black)


Next is the first of four mascaras in the calendar. I think 4 was a little excessive, but maybe if you have a small collection this would be ideal, they all boast different claims so it is a diverse array of mascaras. This one is their Ginormous Lash volumizing mascara in Blackout.

Retails for 6$


Next is their Lashaholic mascara in Blackest Black. I have not tried these mascaras, since I have a million already in use.

Retails for 5.60$


Next is one that is intriguing. It is called Lash Ink and claims to be a 4 day stain mascara. I do not see the need for a 4 day mascara, but I am intrigued to test these claims. This is in Ink Black.

Retails for 7$


The last mascara is their Lash Tinsel in Spellbound. I do own one of their lash tinsels in a silver shade and it is a fun glitter mascara I like to layer onto my usual mascara for special occasions. This one is more black with hints of glitter which I am excited to try.

Retails for 6$ (could not find Spellbound but found Black Glitter which looks similar)


The two lip products in the calendar were both Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Glosses this first one is in Swan Lake. It is a nice peachy nude gloss.


It is quite sheer.

Retails for 6$


This last product is their Plumping serum gloss in Girl Next Door. It is a light pink nude shade and is sheer as well.


Slightly more pink than Swan Lake.

Retails for 6$ (could not find this shade, but there are others)

Overall this was a great find for 9$ and I would recommend that if by some chance your Walmart has them (I heard they were crazy discounted during Boxing Day sales) that you pick it up and try them. If not, each product can be bought separately for a great price! I will do the polish calendar in the coming days, so stay tuned for that!


4 thoughts on “Review: Hard Candy 12 Days of Beauty calendar

  1. Are these two different kits? 😮 I have one and i have 12 of those mascaras but I only have one of the mascaras and it’s the lash tinsel one called Spellbound. I wonder if they come with different stuff. Also, are they full sized products? I’m saving mine for later haha. I hope you have a good Christmas even though it’s early. Thanks if you can answer me and if not thanks for you time! 🙂 I love your site!

  2. Very pretty! I have a few questions since I’m giving mine as a gift to my friend, and I was wondering if I should but one myself. Do they come in full sizes and in each kit is there something different? Thanks for your time. 🙂 I’m early but I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Haha.

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