Indulge Me Box Unboxing: December 2014

Hey everyone!

Today I went to the post office to pick up my weekly packages and I had received my Indulge Me Box. Indulge Me is a monthly subscription box that ships to US and Canada for C$20. Their website says: “Subscribe and get 4-5 lifestyle items This will give you a chance to try niche, unique brands as well as local artisan products from all over Canada & USA.

This is my first month of this box and I love it so far. Also I am incredibly impressed with how quickly it arrived. I received it before Ipsy even gave early access to see the Glam Rooms… So quick.


The box came neatly wrapped with a bow inside and had a Holly Jolly sticker to indicate the winter/Christmas theme. There is also a product card, which I always appreciate.


First of all there was an Occitane Hand Cream which is always appreciated in the cold Canadian winter. The card says: “Give your hands a royal treatment this winter with l’Occitane hand cream, enriched with shea butter and vitamin E.

Next there was a pack of cute little cardboard boxes and gift wrap for Christmas presents. I do not know what I will use the boxes for yet, but I already used the gift wrap! The card says: “Holiday time is perfect to get involved in some DIY. You have all the supplies you need to show your creativity“.

Next there was a gift card from a company called Trend Trunk. I have never heard of this company so I will need to look into it before I can judge how much I like having the gift card. Gift cards are always appreciated, and I like learning about new sites. The card says: “A surprise gift card from Trend Trunk which is a social marketplace where you can buy, sell, donate amazing new and pre-loved fashion in a fun simple way“. Sounds interesting for sure.

There was also a candle in the box, not pictured. When I opened the box I immediately smelled the candle. Normally I would have been ecstatic, but I am allergic to cinnamon and it was a cinnamon candle. I put it in a gift bag outside my room for someone else. Just the quick smell when opening it gave me a migraine, so I am glad I got it out fast. The perils of having  an anaphylaxis to something this popular this time of year. The card says: “A votive candle from America’s best loved Yankee Candles. Designed to give burn time of 15-17 hours“. I am sure it is a lovely candle and I hope my coworker likes it!

Finally, the reason I subscribed! There was a spoiler released a month ago with the picture of a lovely scarf from Bizou that would be included in this box. I was in need of a scarf, and I thought this would work out amazingly. First of all, I should mention that I did not get the scarf in the picture 😦


This was the picture. I am an owl lover. I was really hoping to get this one, even commented on the photo hoping someone was watching 😉


I got this one. Don’t get me wrong I will use it and it is so cute too. I just keep feeling a touch sad about the lack of owls. Anyways, I guess that is the downfall to boxes, you might see what you want and not get it. I do like the pattern on this one and it is super soft and warm. The card says: “A cozy knit scarf from Bizou. Perfect for winter time.”

Overall I think this was a good box. I can’t judge it before giving it a couple more months, but I am happy with most of the items in it.

If you wish to subscribe:


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