Hard Candy Advent Calendar

Hey everyone!

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Sorry… I am a Christmas lover. One of my favourite things is advent calendars. This year I wanted a beauty one to get some samples. I had intended to get the Benefit one, but it retails for 119$ in Canada and I can’t justify that especially since I have a decent amount of the samples already from swaps. Someone on my Facebook beauty group mentioned that Walmart has 9$ Hard Candy beauty calendars, so I went out and bought both. While these calendars are only for 12 days, you can get both and have 24 days total. One is 12 makeup products and the second is 12 nail polishes. I will post the calendars below with the picture of the products included in the calendars. If you bought these let me know in the comments, or just let me know which Advent calendars you are opening this month.


These are the calendars. I love the packaging and they are called 12 Days of Beauty and 12 Days of Nail.


The beauty one has nice selection of their products. It comes with a liquid liner, three mascaras, a glitter mascara, an eyeliner, an eye shadow, a primer, two voluminous lip glosses, a face and body luminizer and a concealer. So far I have opened four days and I love the primer.


Next is the polish calendar. This one looks like it will have a lot of nice glitter and shimmer shades which are nice for the holidays.

I will probably do a post in the New Year once I have opened all the products to show you more in depth, but until then if you want to try something new and for cheap, there are a great purchase.


One thought on “Hard Candy Advent Calendar

  1. Nice! I wanted to get an Advent calendar, but totally got side tracked with my plans last month. I may have to try out the 12 days of Beauty calendar. Then I can start it later this week.

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