Sephora Exchange!

Hey everyone!

Long time no blog! I have been receiving some lovely goodies lately and I got a little behind in blogging the products with midterms and projects at school, but here is the first mini haul.

I recently gathered a few items to Sephora and since I did not have receipts, they gave me a store credit, which I used to purchase a couple of products I needed/wanted.

For your information the products I returned were an Urban Decay eyeliner in Junkie, a Bite beauty lipstick in Quinta and the Benefit They’re Real eyeliner. Reasons for the returns were that Junkie and Quinta were not my colours and the Benefit eyeliner was just not a product I could easily use and I did not see myself benefiting from keeping it.

In exchange I got these:

From left to right, Best of Bite Beauty Remix set, Lights Camera Lashes mascara from Tarte and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla.

This was probably the best thing I have ever done at a Sephora trip. I usually get caught up in the pretty colours or new things, but I managed to go in with these items on my list and leave with just them. So by exchanging for the prices of the returned objects I got these three items for an additional 5$.

I love the Bite Beauty pencils. They are super pigmented and very flattering range of colours. I love Bite Beauty. I have recently learned that this set is sold out. I do not know if a restock is happening, but I hope it is.

Next, is Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. This is my Holy Grail mascara. I keep going back to it. It works very well on my lashes and gives them length and volume without clumping. What else could a girl ask for? Maybe a lower price? It is not too expensive as far as Sephora mascaras go, but when my last one broke I almost cried. My mom thought I was crazy.

Lights, Camera, Lashes:

Finally, the Nars concealer has been on my list for eons. But it hard to justify this price when I have been doing ok with drugstore ones and I am on a student budget. But when I found out about the exchange store credit and did the math, I found out getting this concealer would only cost 5$ more than the total of returned products. I could not go wrong and I am so happy I thought of this. This is an amazing concealer, I might even say it has become my HG. I am afraid of the day when I run out and need to purchase another.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer:

Hope these mini reviews help, also if you did not know about this Sephora return thing as I did not before a friend told me, then you are welcome 🙂


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