First Impression: Lorac Mega Pro Palette

Hey everyone!

So I jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago when the Lorac Mega Pro Palette first came out on Amazon. I even splurged for next day delivery so it would be in my hands before Thanksgiving. Here are a few shots I took of this beauty. This is my first ever Lorac purchase, so I am over the moon and obsessed with it already.

lorac lorac_2

The outside packaging is this beautiful immaculate red suede-like cover. It flips open from the top and inside are sitting 32 beautiful pigmented shades. I have not had time to use them all yet, but I am a huge fan of Smokey, Sand and Merlot. I will swatch them in the near future, so expect a post of swatches.

That being said from the ones I have tried, I am in love. It is a beautiful purchase. This has been selling out on Lorac‘s website and even on Amazon almost on a daily basis. I recommend stalking the websites if this is a purchase you wish to make.

Lorac Mega Pro Palette:


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