Shoppers Mini-Haul

Hey everyone! Happy Friday 🙂

Thought I would post this mini haul from my trip to Shoppers last night. For those if you new to my blog, I do a decent amount of shopping at Shoppers merely because that is the closest post office location to my apartment, so every time I need to pick a package, I am tempted by the pretty things inside Shoppers makeup section.
I recently went to pick up my last free Wish purchase (a beautiful turquoise chevron watch) and picked up three things.


First of all I needed a toner because my face has been acting out a bit. I asked the makeup consultant and she suggested this one from Vichy. On top of being a toner it also removes makeup. I have only used it once but it worked very well and I will be using it daily to see how my skin likes it.


On my way out when looking at my fav setting powder, Rimmel Stay Matte, I saw these Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks. I have heard lovely things about these matte beauties. I picked up the Colour 103 which is a nice matte pink shade. I have 3 matte Nyx lipsticks on order so I will hold off buying more of these until I see how those work for me. But I was initially tempted to go back today and find a nice red or wine shade for fall. This lipstick is smooth, creamy and smells amazing.


Right in front of the post office is the makeup clearance section. I have never tried anything from Bourjois since it is extremely rare to find here. I found this 2013 eye makeup kit and it was 10$. Inside is a black and a blue mascara as well as a waterproof eye makeup remover. I have not tried these yet, and I do not own coloured mascara so I have high hopes for these. The brushes are nice big brushes with natural bristles, not plastic. I will probably do a post about this later on when I get to try them out.

Before I leave I would like to remind you to enter my giveaway which closes tonight at midnight. You have a few more hours so go ahead and share it with friends 🙂

On a side note I have already purchased items for the next giveaway. I am hoping to do it mid to late October. I am just waiting for it to show up here, so be in the lookout in the coming weeks!


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