Lime Crime Review: Velvetines

Hey everyone!

When checking out the Lime Crime site recently I noticed that their Red Velvet velvetine lipstick was back in stock! I have been waiting over a month to get my hands on this. I have seen countless reviews for these amazing matte liquid lipsticks. I recently fell in love with the Stila liquid lipsticks and I was super excited to find another product that seems to have good reviews.

Lime Crime is known for their out of this world amazing pigmentation and crazy bold colours (forest green, purple and black lipsticks to name a few). I decided to get their famous Red Velvet (since it was finally in stock) and Wicked (which is a deep red with brown/purple hints).


First of all their packaging is so beautiful. The velvetines come in this beautiful frosted glass tubes with a beautiful red cap with their name and swirly roses adorning it.


I really like the Red Velvet. This is a beautiful red shade that would look good on almost any skin tone. I am super pale and it looked really nice on my skin. It is quite long lasting as well. I personally prefer the Stila Beso to this, merely because I need makeup remover to get that off, and I need something that is hard to remove because I tend to lick my lips a lot.


I also chose to try Wicked. This is a beautiful shade. I don’t know if I will keep this particular one, because the shade is not super flattering on my pale skin. It is nice and matte when it dries and if you had a slightly darker skin tone this would be a holy grail colour. It is sophisticated but flirty as well.

Overall, I will definitely be using my Red Velvet and I might look into other shades as well.

I rate these lipsticks 4 out of 5.



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