Swaps Review

Hey everyone!

As promised here is another post (in the same week too!). I thought this one would be about makeup swaps I have done. After joining Ipsy and Beauty Box 5 I needed somewhere to trade unwanted products. I found a group on Facebook that did just that. Only this group was mostly Americans who didn’t want to trade to their neighbour in the North. On that group I was approached by a fellow Canadian who admins a group for Canadian swappers. This group is fantastic. We post what we would like to trade on pinterest and share our boards on the group (as well as other beauty related discussions). 

Anyways without blathering on for too long, this is what I have received in swaps so far (a little over a month).


First off I will start with skincare. I received these in all different swaps. First I swapped for a mini Hope in a jar moisturizer from Philosophy. I love this little guy. It is smooth and smells good. Next to it is a Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer. I have not opened this yet, so I will have to let you know later how it works. I haven’t used the next product yet either. It is a Micro-Polish Cleanser from Ren. I am excited to try this out. Finally last week I received a Facial Purifying Paper Mask with Starfruit as the main ingredient. I will report back on the unused products in later posts. Let me know if you have used any of these, I would love your feedback!


Next I received two blushes. I am a blush junkie (well that and eyeliner). I received my first ever Elf blush in the shade Peachy Cheeky which is a beautiful shimmery peach. I also swapped for a Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in the shade pink frosting. The Elf blush is the top swatch and the bottom one is the Mousse blush. I love both. They last a long time with my usual primer and setting spray routine, so no complaints so far. 


As mentioned before I am an eyeliner junkie as well. I swapped for two eyeliners, but first I will mention the top product is a mascara that I decided to lump in with this section. The mascara is the Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant that you get with the Sephora birthday perk. I did not receive it in my birthday month, since my Sephora ran out and gave mini Fresh lip balms as substitutes. I quite like this mascara, it is not my favourite, but it is amazing at creating long separated lashes. The first eyeliner I swapped was the bottom one which is a Tarte empaseyes Charcoal coloured liner. I like this one however it is not my favourite format since I prefer creamy pencils to this stick that falls apart easily. The last eyeliner I swapped for was a mini Stila Stay All Day in Midnight (Navy). I love love love Stila eyeliner and this colour looks really cool with my brown eyes. 


Lips!! From the top right to the bottom left (also same order from top to bottom of hand) I swapped for a Nyx lip liner (which is brownish nude), the Make Up For Ever lipstick (part of birthday kit), a Pop lipgloss in Fuchsia Freesia and a Pop Lip Crayon Gloss in Fuchsia Flirt. I love all of these. They are beautiful colours and all have great formulas. I am not quite fond of the lip liner but I will keep it just in case.


Finally I swapped for a Body Shop soap in Sweet Lemon. It smells amazing through the packaging so I can’t wait to use it. 

All in all, swapping is the best thing that has happened to my beauty game in a while. I get to interact with fellow junkies and swap for things I want. I recommend searching on Facebook to find one around your area and starting today!


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