July Ipsy vs. Beauty Box 5: Part 2

Hey everyone! 

Me again! Here is part two of my comparison of this month’s Ipsy and BB5.


As with Ipsy, in the BB5 you receive a product card with a picture, description and price for each product. BB5 costs 12$/month plus shipping as opposed to Ipsy’s 10$/month plus 5$ shipping. 


First of all I received a packet of Argan Oil from Morocco. I love Argan Oil and I will put this aside until winter when I tend to use oil in my hair. My hair is usually ok in the summer with normal conditioner, but the cold Canadian winter makes it dry and full of static.


Next I received a packet of Multicultural Curls hair styling cream from Miss Jessie’s. I will try this once I finish the last curl enhancing product I received from BB5

Miss Jessie’s styler retails for 16$: http://missjessies.com/MultiCultural-Curls?sc=56#.U8RdgvldWSo


Next I received a mini pot of Glowing Mama Walnut Face and Body Scrub from annanaturals. This scrub smells great. I will get a couple of uses out of this jar. 

The full size retails for 10.99$: http://shop.annanaturals.com/Glowing-Mama-Face-Body-Scrub-AN-GlowingMama.htm


I also received this amazing lip balm from Body Drench called Candy Licious Peppermint Stick. This smells and tastes like eating a candy cane. I love candy canes and this is super nice to have. It is like Christmas in July! It is also quite moisturizing and I will be putting this in my purse for daily use.

These retail for 2.49$ on Beauty Joint and come in 6 flavours/scents: http://beautyjoint.com/body-drench-candy-licious-moisturizing-lip-balms


Finally was the item they had told us was coming in the Sneak Peek they posted on their Facebook page. The Revlon Bold Lacquer mascara. This mascara is beautiful. The brush has a lot of bristles and that definitely helps seperate and volumize lashes. I will have to test to see how long lasting it is, and it does not say waterproof but I am excited to use this more.

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara: http://www.revlon.com/products/eyes/mascara/revlon-bold-lacquer-length-volume-mascara#309972310033||0

So when looking at both boxes for the month of July, I think I can say the Ipsy bag was far superior. I have a lot more variety with the Ipsy bag (which gave me eyeshadow, bronzer, lip & cheek tint, nail polish and tanning oil) than with the BB5 (that gave me two hair products, a mascara, a little scrub and a lip balm). If not for the Revlon mascara, I would probably have been a little upset with my BB5. I hope this is just a bag month. Please let me know in the comments if you have had a similar experience with BB5 or Ipsy


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