Haute Look Sale: theBalm

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I went home, sorry for the lack of posts lately. My life has been busy with family health issues and visits home, as well as I have put myself on a spending diet, since I have a problem with online shopping sometimes. I am waiting until I accumulate a few more paychecks before doing another haul.

Anyways, I saw this sale on Haute Look, and though I may not be benefiting from it this time, I thought others may enjoy knowing about this. Haute Look currently has an event for theBalm products which has their most loved items half off. That is right I said 50% off. You can buy their lovely Cindy-Lou, Mary-Lou and Betty-Lou Manizers for a mere 12$/each instead of the usual 24$. They also have their Time Balm concealers and foundations for 9$ and 14$ respectively. Other interesting buys that are even tempting me are their Nude’Tude palette for 18$, their inStain blushes for 11$ and their famous FratBoy blush for 10.50$!!!

Here is the link for those of you who wish to benefit from this awesome deal: https://m.hautelook.com/event/55958

Have a great Monday!


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