Walmart Trip

I found a couple new products at Walmart last night while doing my groceries. 


I have been meaning to pick up one of these bad boys for a while. It is the L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows in the colour Amber Rush. It seems to be a beautiful copper-pink hue and has lots of shimmer. I am excited to test this out and try new looks.


I have also heard great things about these eyeliners. These are from Physician’s Formula (which is an amazing brand). While I have a limited amount of PF products, the ones I do have (blush and bronzer) are staples in my makeup collection. This trio of eyeliner is for brown eyes and I love the colours. The formula is a little waxy. It takes a little more effort to put on than my fav cream eyeliners (Smashbox, Urban Decay) but these are more affordable for sure. The colours in this trio are black, brown and purple. They are lovely.



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