Walmart Haul

When my cousin spent the last week chez moi in our apartment, she wanted to go check out Walmart for beauty products that you can’t find in my small hometown. I managed to find 3 things that I had not seen before and that ended up being impulse buys.


 First of all was this Argan Oil and Keratin conditioner treatment. I have yet to try this pouch, but when I do I will write an update to how I feel about it. I was happy to be able to try this without committing to a huge bottle.



The second product was a leave-in conditioning spray with argan oil and sea salt. I have tried this product and I love it. It definitely conditions my hair, but without making it too greasy looking. It also provides my hair with a cool texturized look, which is fantastic for summer and my shorter hair cut.



 Final impulse buy was this Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascara. I have been seeing people rave about this online for the longest time and I finally caved and bought it. My 17-year old cousin who was staying here loves it and uses it daily. I haven’t had the chances to try it and test it but I love the fun brush and hope this might be a nice casual mascara.



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