Sephora Haul

So this is an old haul. I received this back in early January, but life has been hectic so I finally got around to writing this.


Now to break it down.


 I love these sprays. Now I have read that the Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray isn’t full of the most useful/ beneficial ingredients, but it seems to work for me. It keeps my makeup in place, reduces redness and I have yet to break out with it. The makeup setting spray, All Nighter, is fantastic. No words to describe how much I love it!

UD Prep Spray:

UD All Nighter Spray:


I love this mini-set of nails inc. polishes. It is currently on sale at Sephora from C$30 to C$13, which is a steal.

Nails Inc Autumn/ Winter Collection:


I also purchased the Dior Addict Lip Glow and Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. The lip glow adds a nice brightness to my usual lip colour. The eyeliner is absolutely amazing. The line is nice and sharp and the black is a nice finish.

Lip glow:

Stila Eyeliner:



This product was just an impulse buy. I had never tried it before but decided to give it a chance. My am I glad I did! It is a wonderful product. It has a nice scent and a smooth texture when applied. It has reduced the visibility of my pores for sure!



 I have yet to try some of these samples. However, I have tried my 100-point bonus (Time in a Bottle by Philosophy). It is a nice serum with little to no scent. It absorbs quickly and I have not noticed a difference yet, but it might take more than a sample size to see a difference.

I will do a review later of the Naked 3 palette, since I think it will deserve a separate post.


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