Revlon’s Lacquer and Matte Balms

This particular post will be another makeup one… I recently picked up 2 of the new balms from Revlon and did some swatches.

First of all, I got a lacquer balm in Vivacious. It is a beautiful shiny pink package and the colour inside is just as beautiful. The colour payoff is decent with the lacquer balm. It feels super nice and moisturizing when applied and lasted about 4 hours for me without eating or drinking.


 I also needed to try a matte balm for comparison and I am always on the lookout for a nice red lip. I chose the matter balm in the shade Standout. It has a crazy amount of pigment in it. One light swipe and your lips are vampy red. It is a beautiful shade, my only issue is that it feels drying. It makes my lips feel chapped almost. So I need to apply lip chap underneath and on top or else you see lines in my lips. But still an amazing product overall.


 Great line of colors and definitely worth the price.

Lacquer Balms:

Matte Balms:


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