Mini-Target Makeup Haul

Went to Target for the first time a while ago. It opened in September to replace the Zellers. I loved it so much! So bright and shiny and the staff were all cheery and welcoming. Wonder if that is a new attitude and if it fades after a few months.

Anyways in the wonderful makeup aisle, which had a beautiful heavenly white glow to it, I found a few items I have been holding out for.

I am speaking of the Revlon lip butters (I got them in peach parfait, lollipop and wild watermelon) and a Sonia Kashuk long lasting gel eyeliner (in ebony).


I have tried the lip butters, which are beautiful. They have a wonderful moisturizing feel, while giving a lot of colour. They are beautifully packaged and definitely worth the price ($7.99).

So the peach parfait is a very subtle pink peachy colour with a hint of golden shimmer. The lollipop is a bright bubblegum pink. And finally my favorite, the wild watermelon is a red/pink that looks like someone ate too many strawberries.





Lip Butters:

Sonia Kashuk Eyeliner:


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